Welcome to my photography page.
Here I have presented some of what I consider to be my best pictures.

I am living north of Copenhagen in Denmark.

I started to take pictures in the sixties with a very simple Kodak Instamatic 50.
Later I moved to a Minolta SR-T 101 and took a lot of Kodak Tri-X films and started developing pictures in the darkroom.
I got used to se pictures in black & white, and was fascinated by the development process where you could see the picture “grow” in the developer.

Several cameras passed by in the time after, but the big change for me was the digital camera and the digital darkroom.
Today I use Fujifilm cameras for several reasons.
First of all due to the picture quality, and next to the compact design plus the low weight of the equipment.

What kind of pictures do I take?
Landscape, portraits, street …. and most of them end up in black & white!

I am also present on Instagram, 500px & Flickr:

Bo Hvidt